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Return to Genesis outlines and explains the major poems in Genesis for the first time ever. These poems extend across multiple chapters, and shed new light on the stories. The poetry is indispensable to understanding events such as the creation, and Bible characters such as Adam, Noah, and Abraham.

Mr. Pierce insists that we can appreciate the poetry of the Bible without diminishing its historicity. If your goal is to discover the original intent and meaning of the Scriptures, Return to Genesis will show the way.

Return to Genesis also tells us how not to interpret the Bible. Mr. Pierce refutes the arguments used to support biblical literalism. While most of the Bible can and should be interpreted literally, he shows that a selective insistence on reading certain words literally has led to errors such as Dispensationalism and young earth creationism.

By refuting these false, literalism-based doctrines, Mr. Pierce paves the way for a plan for Christian unity, which he presents at the end of the book. This is a Bible-based plan involving the establishment of a church council modeled after the “Jerusalem Council” in the Book of Acts.

Most of all, Return to Genesis is about fulfilling the Dominion Mandate and the Great Commission. Mr. Pierce understands that talk about changing the world is cheap if there’s no plan. He does his part by offering realistic plans and suggestions for personal, family, ecclesiastical, socio-cultural, and political transformation. In one way or another, he relates each of his ideas to the Bible.

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Dominion in Genesis is an 8-part series of blog posts that you can access at Currently, Mr. Pierce plans to add an three additional chapters and publish this as a book.

After God created Adam and Eve, He commanded them to take dominion over the earth. Dominion is one of the primary themes of Genesis, and indeed of the entire Bible.

In Dominion in Genesis, Mr. Pierce focuses primarily on the life of Joseph. We can learn much from Joseph’s life, including his reign over both Israel and Egypt. Dominion in Genesis reveals how Joseph was like a “missing link” between Adam and Jesus. It examines the relationship between Genesis and Bible prophecy, and explains what humanity can expect as we approach the “end times.”

Coming Soon…

Perfect 7 Plan 300x351 The Perfect 7 Plan to Finding Peace With God is another planned series of blog posts, which will also be released as a book.

The sixth day of the creation week is the day of man, of testing, and of judgment; the seventh is the day of rest. The Perfect 7 Plan will explain how you can break through from the time of testing to the “day” of rest. It will help you to further understand how Jesus overachieved the mission that God had originally assigned to Adam.

In Return to Genesis, Mr. Pierce explained that the creation days could not have been literal, 24-hour days.

The Laughing Trees will be a book designed for early readers.

If trees could talk, what might they say to one another? Children want to know! It’s funnier than you might imagine. We’ll keep you posted here.

All these projects will take time and expense. I trust in the LORD to help me bring these plans to fulfillment, in addition to my many other responsibilities. Thank you for having visited this page! ~ Martin Pierce