Dominion in Genesis

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Joseph Interpreting Pharaoh’s Dream by Arthur Reginald

I recently posted a series of eight lengthy blog posts on Dominion in Genesis at It amounts to a “blog book,” which can help you decide whether or not to purchase Return to Genesis. One reason for this is that I covered some of the same topics in both Return and Dominion, yet without repeating the same arguments. Those topics are:

  • Principles of Interpretation
  • End Times Prophecy
  • Christian Dominion
  • Poetry in Genesis
  • The Importance of Freedom, and How to Be Free

The free content in Dominion in Genesis bolsters many of the arguments presented in Return to Genesis. However, Return is more important for the following reasons:

  • Contains scholarly, well-researched material with footnotes
  • Written for high school graduate/college entry reading level
  • Thoroughly refutes biblical literalism, which is a popular yet false doctrine
  • Explains why we should be more accepting of poetry, types, and symbols
  • Reveals why believers in Christ are Christians, not “Judeo-Christians”
  • Demystifies Bible prophecy, including Daniel 9:24-27 and Matthew 24
  • Clarifies the relevance and meaning of the dominion mandate in our time
  • Analyzes and outlines the major poems of Genesis
  • Contains Scripture-based proposals for cultural renewal and political change
  • Argues that Christianity is premodern, and is incompatible with both modernism and postmodernism
  • Offers a Scripture-based plan for worldwide Christian unity
  • Presents a biblical plan for how the Church can support Christian marriages

Most of this is original material, especially my studies of Bible poetry. The section on poetry in Genesis (Part 5) takes up nearly one-third of the book. This poetry covers nearly all of Genesis. Besides the poetry, Return to Genesis contains so much content it’s like several different books combined into one.

I wouldn’t want anyone to be dissatisfied after having purchased Return to Genesis. Therefore, I urge you to first look at the free content at PremodernWisdom, especially Dominion in Genesis.