Why You Haven’t Heard of My Book

3dcover-transparent 497x643Return to Genesis is my first published book. It’s a thick, Bible-sized book with 620 pages, not counting appendices, footnotes, and the index. Altogether, it’s 676 pages in 7"x10" format.

In this post, I affirm that Return to Genesis presents important information, much of which Christians will learn about for the first time ever. I then explain why, if this information is as important as I claim, you hadn’t heard of this book.

Can We Learn Anything New from God’s Word?

Every Christian is able to learn about God through His Word, with the Holy Spirit’s help (Jn. 14:26, 1 Jn. 2:27). The Bible exposes any sin that we may harbor in our hearts. This is for our benefit, so that we may turn away from our sins. God also blesses us by revealing to us many wonderful and relevant truths through His Word.

As I’ve studied God’s Word, I’ve found that its teachings often differ from those of popular ministers. Contrary to what you might expect, Christian ministers don’t always proclaim what they’ve personally learned from God and the Bible. Instead, they typically preach what they’ve learned from other men. Consequently, they not only preach truth from the Bible, but also falsehoods that may have been around for centuries.

Think even about what you know of the Bible. Did you learn those truths primarily by reading the Bible, or primarily from having taken in sermons and teachings from other people?

Many false doctrines are prevalent today, but my purpose here is not to expose and refute them.

For the sake of argument, suppose we could somehow banish all false doctrines overnight. Even under these ideal circumstances, do you think the Church would be able to survive only on doctrines and teachings from centuries past, such as the Reformation era?

Everyone in what we call the “secular” world knows without question that they need fresh ideas to move forward in every area of life, whether it be in business, in their social lives, or in their personal development. As for us Christians, conservative ministers tell us that in essence, we have nothing new to learn from the Bible!

The reason for this is simple. Whereas we all know that the secular world is constantly moving forward, Christian authorities tell us that the Church is to remain stationary.

Why is this so? Because supposedly, God only wants us to “hold the fort” until Jesus returns. In our time, words and phrases such as “dominion,” “Christ our King,” the “kingdom of God,” and “overcoming the world” have become little more than talk.

Do you think God was only kidding when He put these teachings in the Bible?

For my part, I’ve learned many new and essential truths from other Christians, which were neither known nor taught in centuries past. I also gain precious insights into the Bible whenever I study it. An example of this would be the poetry that I discovered throughout the Book of Genesis.

My book reflects much of the learning that I’ve gained through the grace of God and the Word of God. The ideas in my book are fresh, original, and most importantly, biblical. In my experience, which I gladly share with readers, the Bible is a deep, and largely untapped fount of wisdom. Like any other Christian book, Return to Genesis isn’t perfect by any means. Nonetheless, some of the information is vital to the advance of God’s kingdom on the earth.

In the book, I was always careful to relate my thoughts to the Scriptures instead of going on for many pages, presenting thoughts and ideas without referring to the Bible. Personally, I’ve seen more than enough “Christian” books like that.

Why You Haven’t Heard of Return to Genesis

You may wonder why, if my book contains such great information, you haven’t been hearing about it everywhere. The primary reason would be because thus far, no Christian influencers have read it and posted a review.

Why, you might ask, have they not done so?

For the reasons stated above, most Christians don’t take research very seriously when it comes to theology. Again, nothing new is expected.

To the extent that Christian teaching institutions may be doing research, they’re certainly not looking at self-published books by unknown authors. There’s a stigma attached to both. Moreover, so many of these books are being published that it’s convenient to dismiss every last one of them without even looking at titles or book descriptions.

Even the offer, or actual shipment of a free copy means nothing to many Christian leaders. Seldom have I received even the courtesy of a reply from a top influencer. They either look for books that are already popular, or for new releases from major publishers. As a first-time author and self-publisher who is working with a low budget, I’m a kind of “Rodney Dangerfield” character, getting no respect.

While publishing many books over an extended period of time, traditional publishers have gained enormous marketing and distribution advantages over people like myself. They know all the influential book reviewers, and are the first in line to offer them free books. Christian leaders and bloggers generally assume that books from the big publishers are “better” than self-published books.

Frankly, I knew practically nothing about marketing when I published my book. My book wasn’t "launched," let alone "pre-launched"—advertised in advance of publication. I’ve done some marketing, but I started out knowing nothing and having nothing—not even a blog. Thus, nearly one year after publication, my book sales remain low, and only one person has published a review on Amazon. In addition, two other people have posted partial reviews on Goodreads.

Actually, these review numbers aren’t bad, considering that usually only about one or two percent of the people who buy a book ever post a review anywhere.

So far, the reviews for my book are all positive, and I’m thankful for them. Considering the bold claims that I’ve made for this book, I feel that any positive review should be considered noteworthy. After all, since this is a self-published book and I’m an unknown author, the book isn’t “supposed” to be good..

Nonetheless, I’m praying for many more reviews and sales because I believe God wants this book to make a huge impact on the Church and the world.

Whether you consider yourself an “ordinary” Christian or an influencer, you can make a significant impact for the kingdom of God by spreading the news about my blogs and social media accounts (see the links here). If you read Return to Genesis, any positive review that you post could definitely help motivate other Christians to buy the book and be blessed by it. In turn, this would help me to stay on course with the writing and teaching ministry that the Lord has given me.

If you read Return to Genesis and would like to provide feedback to me as the author, please drop me a line. I’ve provided many ways for people to contact me, including the comment box on this page.