Welcome to Christian Era Publishing!

Christian Era Publishing is a newly formed publishing company. Our first published title will be Return to Genesis: What Ancient Poetry Reveals About Christ, the Church, and the Kingdom by Martin Pierce. In the interests of full disclosure, this company has no employees at this time. When I say “our company” I am thinking of the Lord (part of my company), people whom I’ve outsourced work to, other friends and supporters, and future employees. I hope you understand. Now, about my first book…

Return to Genesis is essential reading for anyone who wants to gain insight into the poetic and symbolic meanings behind Genesis. Although Genesis begins with a continuing descent into sin from Adam and Eve to Noah’s generation, it also gives us the promise of victory through faith in God. Genesis presents the message of the Bible in a microcosm.

I look forward to publishing this book very soon! I am completing the final formatting in order to satisfy the printer.