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Do you want to find out what the Bible really teaches?

Do you want to be a world-changer?

These questions are really one and the same. When you not only know the Lord (as I hope you do), but also know the Bible well, you will be  a world-changer!

You may wonder how it is that I can claim to know what the Bible really teaches…

I dove into the Scriptures after having become fed up with a lifetime of misinterpretations and outright lies from churches I had attended. These have left us with a form of Christianity that is largely powerless and irrelevant in the world today. It’s no secret that Christianity today is plagued by anti-intellectualism, divisions, strife, worldliness, and declining influence. We Christians are not only losing societies to secularism, we’re losing even the physical world itself to manmade catastrophes. Collectively, we aren’t fulfilling any of the responsibilities that God assigned to us.

Churches are not only failing societies, but also individual Christians. Personally, I came to the point where I needed to either begin questioning much of what I had been taught, or succumb to doubt and unbelief. Perhaps you can relate.

Let me back up to an earlier time. I’ve been blessed to know the Lord since my youth. I’ve been involved in every major Christian sect from Catholicism to Calvinist Protestantism.

I’m an amateur polymath who has studied not only the Bible, but also many secular topics. I own an extensive personal library, in addition to extensive reading and research that I’ve done in libraries and on the Internet. This gave me many ideas to draw from as I entered my “wilderness” of questioning.

Did I mention that I like good metaphors? I’m the rare type of person who appreciates and understands both reason and art. This is needful when studying the Bible. The authors were not only rational people, but also were literary geniuses. Every book of the Bible contains symbolic language and hidden poetic structures, typically in the form of parallelisms.

As for my “wilderness” experience, God expects us all to question what we’ve been taught, and to periodically reexamine cherished assumptions and beliefs (Acts 17:11, 2 Cor. 13:5).

Before I continue, let me assure you that Return to Genesis isn’t about questioning core doctrines of the Christian faith. Instead, it’s about returning to the faith by exposing and dumping the intellectual and cultural baggage we’ve inherited over hundreds of years from both non-Christian and unorthodox Christian sources.

I practiced Philippians 4:8 by taking the most true, noble, just, pure, lovely, reputable, virtuous, and praiseworthy teachings from each of the traditions and sects that I’d been part of. Most of all, I wanted to know what was true and scriptural.

During my life–especially while writing Return to Genesis–I’ve checked most of what I’ve been taught against the Bible’s own teachings. My search for truth is what led me from one denomination to another. Even in this blog, you’ll find examples of how I tend to question everything, including myself.

I was troubled by many of the same questions that you probably wonder about. I researched issues on which the denominations disagree, despite all the head knowledge that Christian ministers get from formal educations. In relation to Genesis, I wondered about questions such as:

  • Whether the creation account in Genesis 1 could somehow be reconciled with science;
  • How to place Adam and Eve as actual people in recorded history, and;
  • Whether Noah’s flood could have covered the entire earth.

I knew there could be no better place to begin studying the Bible afresh than at page one. After all, Genesis is the book of “firsts.” It’s the most foundational book of the Bible, yet also one of the most controversial ones. Genesis introduces all the major doctrines of the faith, and is quoted from over 200 times in the New Testament.

As I studied Genesis, I made many surprising discoveries, all by the grace of God. Genesis taught me a great deal about how to interpret the Bible. My studies also revealed connections between the creation week and prophecy. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Christian teachers and pastors either ignore or grossly misinterpret Bible prophecy.

Since approximately 25 percent of the Bible is prophecy, I don’t think we can easily dismiss it as unimportant. I cover both Bible interpretation and prophecy in Return to Genesis. To understand the prophecy, I went beyond Genesis to study passages in Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation.

Return to Genesis is about moving forward, not back. God created Adam and Eve in a state of perfection. Though the Garden of Eden is lost and buried, it was a shadow of a future time.

That future has arrived. The new Adam is Christ, and the new Eve is the Church. God reversed the Fall through Christ’s sacrifice. Having accomplished that, the Lord desires and intends to make the Church His spotless bride. The last part of my book presents a practical analysis of how that can happen.

The full title of my book is Return to Genesis: What Ancient Poetry Reveals About Christ, the Church, and the Kingdom. The poetry of Genesis is the inspiration behind, and the backbone of this book.

Unfortunately, most Christians today aren’t sure what to make of most Bible poetry outside of books such as Psalms and Proverbs. They don’t know whether to embrace it, reject it, or ignore it.

In Return to Genesis, I explain that we can accept Bible poetry without denying the historicity of the Bible’s narratives. Even Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are recognized as poetry, which by itself doesn’t make it mythology. This was how ancient people wrote history. It’s time that Christians recognize that the Bible also contains extensive poetry.

Bible poetry is essential knowledge for many reasons. Besides the fact that we should neither be ignorant nor ashamed of divinely inspired poetry, this content best expresses the heart of God, and of His people. Hebrew poetry gives a window into the minds of the inspired authors. This knowledge can make us more Christ-like since Scripture reflects the mind of Christ

Bible poetry is also the key to unlocking Bible prophecy, which clarifies our mission and destiny in this world. The Bible’s poetry and symbolism point the way forward, and will help free us from the current morass of “isms” such as modernism and postmodernism.

All of this makes Return to Genesis a potentially world-changing book, which makes you a potential world-changer!

Return to Genesis consists of six parts, spanning a total of 27 chapters. The most important questions covered in each part are:

Part 1: Should we read the Bible as literature or only try to read it literally?
Part 2: Which is the successor of ancient Israel – the Church or the Jewish people?
Part 3: What can we expect during the prophesied “End Times”?
Part 4: Did God create the world in six days, and did He flood the entire world?
Part 5: What kind of poetry can we find in Genesis, and what is its message?
Part 6: How we can apply the Scriptures to fulfill God’s purposes in the world today?

If I had taken my manuscript to a professional publisher, they would likely have wanted to publish it in five separate books. In other words, I now feel that I made a mistake by having put all this content together in one book. However, you benefit by being able to purchase all these volumes together for one low price.

All six parts of Return to Genesis are united by a common theme, which may be summarized as follows:

God’s Word contains not only literal language, as in the Law, but also poetic language, as in the Psalms and Prophets. God intended that we appreciate both language forms, without minimizing one at the expense of the other. The poetry…

◊ sheds needed light on themes that are also present in the literal language;
◊ reveals the truth about mysteries such as the creation, Noah’s flood, and the End Times, and;
◊ offers practical guidance in relation to important questions about family and social issues, religion, and the state.

I promised to offer Return to Genesis at a low price, right? I have good news for you because…

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I must “warn” you that this is a Bible-sized book, though it doesn’t have so many words. It’s still a lengthy book, but you can read it at your own pace, one part at a time. Each part is unique, and separate from the others. It is recommended, but not essential, that you read each part in order.

I believe the best part of this book is that which outlines and explains the poetry in Genesis. In my opinion, this part alone is worth the cost of the entire book! Once you have learned about the poetry in Genesis, I’m sure you will ever read it in the same way again.

This is the lowest price that I can offer for Return to Genesis. I’ve cut your price by more than half because I want to educate Christians, not make money for myself. The only way I can offer this low price is by having you order it directly from the printer, CreateSpace. They’ll print up a new copy just for you when you place your order.

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If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact me through this website. Since I’m committed to truth and accuracy, I will gladly edit Return to Genesis if you find that I was mistaken about anything. That said, I have researched everything to the best of my ability and provided documentation in 34 pages of end notes.

I realize that nobody can expect 100% agreement, especially when publishing a book which covers such a wide range of topics as this. However, if you feel that much of the content is both needful and true to the teachings of Scripture, I hope you will take the time to do me the favor of publishing a positive review on Amazon. You may submit a review for me to publish on this page. Not only would I greatly appreciate it, but more importantly it will advance the Lord’s work among His people. As stated in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Since knowledge of the truth is essential to salvation, please do your part to first learn about, then share the knowledge that God has graciously provided.